Billi-Balmade: Manilla

Billi-Balmade: Manilla

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Ahhh!!! You have arrived. Better late than never but like Drake said,  ‘’Never late is better” we are excited to introduced a brand new product to our amazing line up of beard essentials. Billi-Balmade: Manilla

This 2oz Gold canister will leave your luxurious beard soft, moisturized, and tamed with our curated all-star ingredients: 

Castor oil

Black Seed Oil

Shea Butter

Vitamin E 

This form of Beard wax smells as rich as it sounds with a  masculine scent of Coconut and Vanilla

MAN-ILLA: Was the earliest form of money in Africa so its only fitting that we bring you nothing but Billions to your beard. 

How to Use: 

Step 1: Dampen beard with a warm or hot cloth.

Step 2: Apply nickel size of Manilla to the palm.

Step 3: Rub hands together and massage the Balm into your beard. Make sure you apply to the whole beard.

Step 4: Use a pick or comb to fluff out your beard 

Step 5: Collect your compliments and don't forget to say Thank You!