Billi-Beard Mask

Billi-Beard Mask

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Sleep in it, eat in it, go outside in the streets in it. We are delighted to bring only the best beard products to center stage. Our Billi-Beard Mask aka Beard Bonet is designed to

  • Locks in moisture
  • Promotes growth 
  • Softens beard while keeping it detangled 
  • One size should fit all 
  • 100% satin 



After your shower and normal beard routine.

On the go: Place the Billi-Beard Mask on for 15-30mins. This helps lock on the moisture and sculpts your beard for the ultimate look of success. 

In for the night: Place Billi-Beard Mask on before you hit the hay. This protects your beard at night and prevents split ins while continuing to intact your moisture. 

Billi-Beard Mask
Billi-Beard Mask